Pregnancy in your second trimester
Up to week twelve was your first trimester where you experienced the excitement of the positive pregnancy test, the anxiety of carrying a life, possibly morning sickness, and the joy of telling family and friends that you were expecting. Now in your second trimester, there are so many things to look forward to! The second trimester is most women's favorite part of pregnancy!

The second trimester

Steady weight gain is necessary, and should be expected during your second and third trimesters. Mom to be will gain up to 2 pounds per week during the second trimester. This weight makes up blood volume, breast tissue, the uterus, placenta, amniotic fluid, fluid volume, fat stores, and of course the baby itself. /p>

Because everything is growing, by this trimester you will be big enough to look pregnant, but not big enough to be uncomfortable. Showing definitely helps you to be comfortable in your changing body and embrace the reality that you will be a mother soon.

Week 14-Many couples choose to find out the gender of their baby via ultrasound. This is usually done at your 20 week appointment your physician. But, in our office you can come in at 14 weeks and find out then! That's six more weeks you get to prepare for baby by shopping, decorating, choosing a name, etc. To see which gender session is best for you, please see the sessions and prices page.

My favorite second trimester recipe

Week 16-Your baby is the size of an avocado! Now, go ahead and eat one. They are an excellent source of fat. If you don't enjoy them plain like I do, try this healthy version for a thick n' creamy frosty:
2/3 cup coconut milk
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
4 Medjool dates (pits removed)
1/4 cup raw honey
1/2 large avocado
3c ice
Blend first 5 ingredients until almost smooth. Add the ice and blend until creamy. Makes 2 large servings.

Week 18- Eighteen weeks into your pregnancy your baby begins to hear. They will hear your voice and those voices your around for the next 5+ months so make sure you speak kind words to one another, it's not too early for them to know they were born into a loving family!

Week 20- You are halfway through your pregnancy! By now, there's a good chance you have felt your baby move! It is possibly the greatest part of being pregnant and in this trimester, those movements will become stronger while your baby still has ample space to move around. It's fun to lie down and imagine what body part of theirs is nudging you from the inside, growing and developing so perfectly.

Week 23-At about 8 inches and 1 pound, some babies born this early may be able to survive with intensive medical care. But of course, they still have a lot of developing to do inside the womb if at all possible.

Week 24- Your baby's face it almost completely formed with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair!

Week 26- It's not too late to start exercising! Unique Ultrasound offers an exercise class specifically for ladies nearing the end of their pregnancy. Fit to Deliver is designed to fight pregnancy fatigue, boost mood, and help you feel better after baby arrives.

Enjoy your second trimester, you got this momma!

Author: Unique Ultrasound