It’s not easy finding the perfect gift for the Mom-to-be in your life. But whether she is 14 weeks pregnant or 32 weeks, a great gift is a glimpse of her baby with a 3d Ultrasound session! Being able to see their baby up close in 3d makes the perfect gift that will last a life time. Every 3d/4d ultrasound session comes with a DVD and a CD to cherish for many years.

Gifts for the Mother to Be

Our gift certificates can be used by Mom-to-be anytime during her pregnancy, so even if she’s in the very early stages, what better gift to give her than a future peek of her baby! All our sessions can be shared with the whole family in our extra large and comfy exam room with theater viewing.

Mother-to-Be Gifts - Classes

For first time parents classes are a must. We offer Childbirth Prep, Breastfeeding Classes as well as Newborn Care Class. Give the gift of educating the first time parent by purchasing one or all of these great classes. They are held in our office and on weekends for everyone’s convenience. A better prepared parent is a happier parent!

All these amazing gifts can be used for the holidays, birthdays or your next baby shower gift and can be purchased right from our website at We can mail it directly to the recipient with a personal note from you. This year, give the Mom-to-be in your life a gift that will last a life time!

Holiday Gift Ideas

If you're like me once the kids are back in school my next thought is the holidays will be here before we know it! First there is Halloween and what costumes they are going to wear. Next comes thanksgiving with all the family and food details, and then there's Christmas. This is really my favorite time of year and being stressed out over it can really ruin the fun!

Planning ahead is the real stress stopper. The only time I feel stressed is when I'm too busy to enjoy the moment, so planning really avoids all of that. Start looking now for that Halloween costume. Thrift stores are a great place to get the perfect outfit before the October rush. And what about planning the Thanksgiving meal now. But if you're like my family, we pretty much have the same thing every year, which is easy and because those dishes we only cook at Thanksgiving, it makes them taste that much better!

And why wait and do all your shopping for Christmas after Thanksgiving? Start now because spreading your shopping over a 3 month period is a lot less stressful on the budget then cramming it all in one month. Someone shared with me a few years ago "The 4 Gifts" for any child at Christmas: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I love this concept and it covers each need and prevents you from going overboard. The crazy fact is that if you own a car you already have more than 90% of the world! More doesn't make any child happier!

Lastly, teaching your children at an early age to give during the holidays is something that will stay with them for life. Before making their lists, make it a priority to explore some local charities that could use your help or donations for this time of year. Serving is something that we need to teach our children, because let's face it nothing compares to the feeling of putting a smile on someone's face!

Author: Unique Ultrasound