Parenting starts from the moment you see that positive home pregnancy test! Do you remember the joy and excitement you felt? Then the next 9 months you are planning and preparing for the big arrival only to find out that it was a lot tougher then you ever thought it would be!

Well, here are a few topics that we recommend that you decide on before baby arrives and are covered in greater detail in our classes that we offer at Unique Ultrasound.

Parenting Classes

First is what you’re eating. It is true that you are eating for two so think twice as hard about what you’re putting into your body. Did you know that a usual newborn already has an average of 180 toxins in their system at birth? Your baby deserves the best start at a healthy life and that starts with you!

Next, should you bottle or breastfeed your baby? Your body is pretty amazing and it is designed to make milk unique to give your baby exactly what they need! Babies will easily digest it because it’s made just for them by their MOM! But often times, breastfeeding has its challenges, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get through it. Be prepared by taking our Breastfeeding class in Temecula or join us for our Free Breastfeeding Support Group.

What about diapers? Have you considered cloth? Did you know that your baby will go through over 7,000 diapers between newborn and potty training age? At an average of .26 cents per diaper, that adds up to be almost $2,000! You’ll also be saving all of those diapers from going into the land fills too, not to mention the cancer linked chemicals that they used to make them!

Lastly, I would like to talk about the routine doctor/hospital procedures for you and your baby. From glucose testing, to shots/vaccines and baby’s first bath. I’ll take one example of an ointment that is typically put on your baby’s eyes after birth. This ointment is called erythromycin ophthalmic and it is used to protect babies from an infection caused by mother with STD’s. So if you know or if you have been tested and there is no risk, then your baby does not need this ointment, but it is routinely used without question. You can request that your baby not receive this treatment along with a few others that we cover in our class – Baby Beginnings and Your Choices and is hosted by Dr. Chris Boman (read more about Dr. Boman at and Robin Badillo. It is held twice a month at Babies R Us in Murrieta and is free, but you must pre-register so call our office today for more info!

Becoming a parent is an exciting and life changing time! We are here to help you learn about making the best decisions for you and your baby so you can enjoy your new role as a Mom or a Dad!