Some people find it natural to spend time with a baby but others have a harder time figuring out what to do with them. Here are 15 activities that stimulate your infant, strengthen your bond, and are just plain fun!
  1. Read- It is never too early to read to your child. Thick, board books are meant to be handled by babies because they can't rip the pages, and can withstand some chewing. I like to sit my baby in my lap and let her pat the pages as I read to her. Choose books that are short and have bright pictures.

  2. Sing- Your baby will enjoy listening to the fluctuations in your voice as you sing songs on your Pandora station, nursery rhymes, or just something you make up. You can even turn an action into a song such as, "Now I'm going to change your diaper, ooo-ooo, clean!" My oldest has a catchy little song that was made up for her when she was 6 months and it still puts a smile on her face.

  3. Go for a walk- You can push your sweetie in a stroller or wear them in a carrier. Either way fresh air is good for both of you. There are also a lot of new things for them to see outside.

  4. Look in the mirror- 6 month old babies are fascinated by their own reflection. You can catch my daughter smiling and kicking her legs when I put her in front of the mirror. Stand them up so their hands are touching it, and don't mind the little handprints!

  5. Play with things that are not "toys"- As long as it is safe, many things around the house are fun for the little one. I like to give my baby her big sisters plastic cups, a wire whisk, a crumpled up piece of paper, lint roller, etc. Sounds kind of silly but it entertains them!

  6. Bathing- Give them a bath or bathe with them. There's something about warm water that makes everyone happy. At this age, they already like to kick and splash around a little bit. Trickle water on their tummy and wash all of those cute rolls!

  7. Try a new food- At this age, food is mostly for fun, so have fun with it! Does your baby like food completely pureed or do they like gumming little chunks? How about letting them suck on a some berries through a netted feeder?

  8. Have a conversation with them- When your baby babbles, babble back! Your response encourages them to keep talking.

  9. Tell them everything you are doing- You might feel weird at first, but your baby will love it and is processing everything you are saying to some degree. Tell them about the color of shirt you are folding and what room you are going into. Point to objects and ask questions.

  10. Play "boo" with a blanket- Cover your face with a blanket and then quickly pull it off and say boo!

  11. Make funny faces- Get right in your baby's face and make faces. Open your eyes really wide, then squeeze them closed, smile, then frown. Stick out your tongue, and then smack your lips. Your baby will watch you intently and probably try to mimic what you are doing!

  12. Look at pictures- Look at pictures with your baby and point out significant things and people. Point and say, "this is grandma", etc.

  13. Take pictures- Without needing film, you can take as many pictures as you'd like. Dress them in a special piece of clothing or with a sentimental toy. Or just practice your own photography skills!

  14. Run errands- Use the time running errands to show them off to people at stores. Most people love a smiling, drooling baby; you are guaranteed to brighten a few people's day!

  15. Lastly…lay down next to them and take some quiet time- Let your baby touch your face as you lovingly gaze at theirs. Soak in this moment, they grow so fast!

Author: Unique Ultrasound