So your baby is breech, now what?

You’re in your last trimester and everything is going great, but you find out that your baby has not flipped head down yet, now what? Nearly half of all babies start out breech early in pregnancy and the majority of them turn head down by themselves before term. But others need a little encouragement and there are a many things you can do to get baby to flip.

How to turn a breech baby

First, be sure of baby’s position. We recommend getting an ultrasound between 35-40 weeks. This ultrasound is offered in our office and is a sure way of not only baby’s position but also can give an estimate on how much baby weighs and amniotic fluid level.

Secondly, check with your doctor, midwife or chiropractor for suggestions of movement, posture and balance routines. These are done to make the pelvis area open up and encourage baby to flip. Below are a few techniques that can be done but make sure you are very clear on how and when to do these:

  • Hands and knees pelvic tilts
  • Forward-leaning inversion with a slight pelvic tilt
  • Breech tilt or open knee-chest
  • Sidlying (pelvic floor) release on both sides
  • Moxibustion (for a breech baby between 34-36 weeks)
  • Stand on head in the pool deep enough to cover your belly
  • Glass of juice followed with a side-lying position with your hips positioned higher than your feet.
  • Visualize and talk to your baby
  • Walking which creates movement in the pelvis.
  • External Version is done by your doctor or midwife (breech baby at 37 weeks)

More about a breech birth

There are several other techniques that are used. Sometimes when you do get your baby to flip, some babies flip back to a breech position. Currently one in four babies is born by cesarean and the number one reason is because baby is not in the right position. Be prepared to do everything possible to deliver your baby vaginally, but also be well informed about what to expect should a cesarean birth be medically necessary. All of these subjects are covered in our Childbirth Prep Class. The more you understand surgical procedures, the less you will fear the process and make the best of it.

Lastly, don’t stress. Birth is a life-changing experience for any woman and whether it’s your first birth or fifth birth, each can be very different. Being prepared will give you the chance of having a birth the way you imagined it to be. The final outcome of a healthy Baby and Mom is what you want to achieve!

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