You’ve waited nine long months, and the arrival of your new little baby is almost here! Your choice of birth environment is an important decision that you should make early on to give you the birthing experience that you have dreamed of. Today, there are several options that are being used more each day such as water birth and hypnobirthing. Home births are becoming more popular and the use of a Doula to assist you during the birth

Natural Birth Delivery

If you’re wanting a more natural childbirth and would like to keep your options open, you may want to be in a birth environment that offers both non-medical forms of pain relief but also allows the option of medical pain relief. If you’ve made up your mind that you want as pain free birthing process as possible, then selecting a modern medical facility that can accommodate those needs.

Delivery and Birth Classes

Taking a childbirth education class will help you and your partner prepare for that special day. These classes will help you decide the birthing environment that’s right for you and teach you what to expect during the birthing process from beginning to end.

Signs of Labor

So what are the first signs of labor? The first thing to watch for is tiny little contractions, called Braxton-Hicks contractions. These are small irregular cramps that can occur in your last couple of months before your due date. Your abdomen may get hard and then relax again and its your uterus preparing for true labor. Other symptoms’ to watch for before labor really starts is a regular pattern of menstrual like cramps, back pain, and increase of vaginal discharge (clear, pink or slightly bloody).

Signs of Active Labor

Symptoms of active labor is when your contractions are regular and become more intense with each one. Also your water may break which anytime there is a rupture or leak in the amniotic membrane, this opens an entry way for infection and germs. In full term pregnancies, labor usually begins within 24 hours of your water breaking. This can feel like anywhere from a gush of fluid followed by a steady, uncontrollable leaking to a steady trickle of fluid.

With each baby comes a different labor and birthing experience. So whether this is your first or fourth, your birthing experience is a choice that you as a parent are free to decide. Being prepared and educated in what to expect during the birth of your baby will help this experience be a memorable one.

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Author: Unique Ultrasound