Unique Ultrasound is a Professional Imaging Facility serving the Temecula, Murrieta, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Poway, Oceanside, and San Diego areas. We specialize in HDlive Silhouette & 3d/4d ultrasound services. We came into existence to provide amazing 3D and 4D ultrasounds to the community and create a positive bonding experience between expectant family and baby-to-be. Opening in 2006 we are proud to say we are over 100,000 families strong!

Silhouette Imaging ultrasoundWe offer the only Silhouette Imaging in SoCal

We are very excited about our new HDLive Silhouette technology. HDLive Silhouette can allow us to basically see the front of your baby as well as an artificially constructed image of the back of your baby by analyzing the shadows or Silhouette created by HDLive.

Basically, the program used in HDLive Silhouette creates a very accurate shadow at organ boundaries, and vessel walls. Then, HDLive Silhouette analyzes and shows you a much better picture of your child. The faster processing speeds means we get a smoother view and more definition in our images.

Ultrasound scans were introduced over 40 years ago and are considered to be the safest, non-invasive and accurate investigation of a baby. It has become an indispensable obstetric tool and plays an important role in the care of every pregnant woman. At Unique Ultrasound pictures of the moving fetus are shown on a monitor screen, this is accomplished with very high-frequency sound waves. They are emitted from a transducer which is placed in contact with the mother's abdomen.

Unique Ultrasound Viewing an ultrasound of your baby in 3d/4d/HDlive Silhouette is much easier to see to the untrained eye than conventional 2-D scans. The attraction of being able to look at the face and movements of your baby before birth was also enthusiastically reported in parenting and health magazines, to have a catalytic effect for mothers to bond with their babies before birth

The greatest risks arising from the use of ultrasounds are brought about by inadequately trained staff, and using poor equipment. Unique Ultrasound requires that all our sonographers have completed their ultrasound schooling/training and have a minimum of one year experience before joining our staff.

Our ultrasound equipment is the state of the art GE Voluson E8. This machine is the best 2D/3D/4D/ HD live ultrasound machine available.Unique Ultrasound The E8 allows the images to demonstrate extraordinary image quality from the first to the third trimester. GE continues to lead the industry’s technological advances and our equipment is regularly updated to give you access to the most advanced technology available, this providing images with amazing clarity and seeing your baby in motion.

  • Returning Family Discount
    It's so exciting to see families come back for their 2nd and 3rd baby and that is why we are now OFFERING 10% OFF FOR ALL RETURNING FAMILIES. Babies are truly what makes the world go round and our staff would like to "Thank you" for allowing us to be a part of this very special moment!

  • Customer Service...
    staff picAt Unique Ultrasound our Customer Service is why we have over 40% of our new clients come from referrals. We pride ourselves with our caring and well trained staff and offer a warm and comfortable setting.

  • Viewing Theater...
    Ultrasound Viewing RoomWe have a large viewing area for family and friends

  • No Risk Ultrasound...
    Our NO COST return policy provides our families the best possible pictures of your baby. Due to many factors, it's not always a guarantee that your baby will cooperate on your first visit. If we are not able to obtain pictures of your baby at your first visit, we will bring you back at NO CHARGE to try again.