It's very important if you are trying to conceive or believe you might be pregnant, to do all you can do to be in the best of health. One way to achieve that is to take prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, iron, and calcium. All are which are very important in your baby's early development.

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some of the early signs and symptoms that you might experience are a missed period, breast fullness and tenderness, morning sickness, frequent urination, and fatigue. You'll need to start taking all prenatal precautions until you find out definitely. You know your own body and neither home pregnancy tests or medical practitioners' are infallible. Having the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy and not be pregnant is normal, or you can have no symptoms' and very definitely be pregnant. The positive signs of pregnancy are the visualization of an embryo or gestational sac through an ultrasound as early as 4-6 weeks after conception. The other is hearing the fetal heartbeat usually picked up by a Doppler as early as 8-10 weeks.

If You Have Signs of Pregnancy

Good prenatal care is one of the most important steps you can take in having a healthy baby! So as soon you have a positive home pregnancy test result, call your doctor to schedule an appointment and start taking care of yourself. That means taking your prenatal vitamins (if you aren't doing so already) and no alcohol or smoking! Eating right is a big plus! Salty foods should be eaten in moderation and drink plenty of fluids is essential. Your baby's body, like yours, is composed mostly of fluids. Keeping hydrated also keeps your skin soft, lessens the likelihood of constipation, rids your body of toxins and waste products (and baby's too) and reduces excessive swelling and the risk of urinary tract infection as well as preterm labor.

During Pregnancy

Engaging in a regular exercise program, such as walking can be extremely beneficial for expectant mother and baby. Not only does it help you feel better both physically and mentally but it will give you more energy as well as help you sleep better. Strengthening your body and your endurance will even help you cope better with labor.

So with these simple, but important steps in taking care of yourself and your growing baby only assures that you are doing all you can do for your health and your unborn baby!

Author: Unique Ultrasound