There are many ways to prepare for a baby and I’m sure you’ve received many words of advice from those that are already parents! Either way children do not come with instructions and it doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read or even if this is your third or fourth child, each baby is different. I think once you accept that concept and just enjoy getting to know your baby, that’s when everything falls into place.

Some days are going to be great and to be honest; some days are going to be horrible. So don’t be so hard on yourself when you have those “not so good days”. Just know that this is all new for your baby too, so you really can’t do anything that’s wrong. You just have to find what works for both of you and don’t expect to have a routine down in the first week, so get ready for some changes. Every time I thought I had it figured it out, that’s when something changed!

Newborn Essentials -Some things you can expect.

I remember the most shocking thing about my newborn was their poop for the first few days. Baby’s stools contain a black, tarlike, sticky substance called meconium which is composed of amniotic-fluid debris from the newborn’s intestines (yes your baby was drinking the water in there!). This is the hardest, most sticky stuff you’ll ever deal with and I couldn’t believe it was coming out of my baby! But within a few days baby stools will become less sticky and turn a greenish brown. Then between one and two weeks old they will become a yellowish-brown color and more regular consistency.

Getting used to your new postpartum squishy body can also be a little unsettling, but remember your beautiful body just made a human being!! Eating good food, and moving when you’re well enough, will put you back to your old body in no time. We offer a newborn care class that covers:

  • sights and sounds of a healthy newborn
  • baby essentials (what you really need)
  • eating and sleeping patterns
  • cord and circumcision care
  • diapering
  • bathing
  • getting your home ready for a newborn
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The first month of your baby’s life is when you should be getting to know one another. Remember they already know your voice so talk to them often and they were used to you moving around so most babies welcome movement. Your baby will have different cries for different needs and staying in tune to that will make your baby happier. Several times while my babies were small, I heard things like “let them cry it out” or “it’s not good to hold them all the time” and “lay them down while baby is sleeping”. But who can’t resist holding your sleeping baby or picking them up when they start to cry. I felt that when baby’s needs are met without them getting in an uproar that is when you have peace and harmony with your child that carries on throughout their childhood.

We also offer classes on breastfeeding and making healthy baby food.

Baby Advice

The best advice for any new parent is to see what your baby is like before making a decision about your parenting-style. Some advice you hear or read may sound strange but keep an open mind. We all are wishing for an easy baby, but that may not be what you get, so don’t set yourself up for frustration. Stay open to new ideas and then mold them around what works for you and your baby.

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