Your Third (and last!) trimester
You're excited, nervous, and nesting. The anticipation of the third and last trimester is enough to drive any woman crazy. Your stomach and breasts are larger than ever and people keep asking, when are you due? How much longer do you have? Soon you'll experience what it is like to be in labor and finally meet the little person that you will care for the rest of your life.

Your 3rd Trimester

In the 3rd trimester your baby has some finishing touches to complete. Your baby's hearing is completely developed and you can feel their kicks and punches more and more. Your baby can blink their eyes, turn their head, grasp firmly, and respond to sound, light, and touch. Your baby's lungs took the full term of pregnancy to develop and now should be good to go when they are born.

When is the Third Trimester?

Your third trimester starts at the 26 week mark and this is when the baby is starting to put on more weight daily because they are starting to get body fat. Lots of fat will be deposited to their thin bodies especially in the last few weeks preparing to keep them warm outside of the womb. Not only is that fat necessary, it's also really cute! With only having 13 weeks to go until baby arrives, everything is in in the last stages of development. Remember, a due date is simply a "guess date" so be prepared to go into labor naturally a few weeks before and up to a week later. Most doctors will discuss inducing labor if you are more than a week past your due date.

It is important to be prepared for the baby in all aspects including labor, delivery, breast feeding, safety and convenience products, and of course emotionally. If you are currently working, now is the time to finalize maternity leave plans or to determine if you will be returning to work at all. Next, figure out where the baby will be sleeping. In a bassinet next to your bed, or their crib in the nursery? Will both of you be sleeping in another bedroom? If you have time, decorate the nursery and organize where all the baby supplies will go. Separate clothes by size and evaluate if you need more diapers and wipes.

On average you will only need one box of newborn diapers, so stock up on size one and two. Some moms also choose to cloth diaper. Next, increase your knowledge with a childbirth class, breast feeding class, or both here. They are a must for first time moms and will definitely increase your confidence in becoming a mother. Another important thing to do is pack your hospital bag. Like I said, baby could come early and you won't want to stay in that hospital gown longer than you need too. Also, getting clean and put together after baby really counteracts the sleep deprivation.. Here is my list of the best things to pack in your hospital bag:

  • Toiletries-including makeup if you wear it on a regular basis, also extra hair ties or headbands
  • Comfy pants like yoga, flannels, sweats, or leggings
  • 2 shirts that you can breastfeed easily in
  • Zip up sweatshirt
  • A nursing bra
  • Underwear (no thongs)
  • Socks
  • Warm baby clothes including onesie, pants, socks, beanie, and mittens (so they don't scratch their face) in size newborn AND 0-3
  • A swaddle blanket or any blanket that's meaningful
  • Camera
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Own pillow
  • Snacks
  • Baby book
  • Make sure your partner also has clothes and toiletries ready and the carseat is in the car.
This is not the biggest hospital bag pack list you've ever seen but it is truly better not to overpack. Chances are you won't be there more than two days including when you're in labor and admitted to the hospital. The hospital has diapers and wipes so there is no need to pack your own.

Keys to a Great Third Semester

Do what you can to prepare for baby now to be less overwhelmed later. Continue taking care of your body by sleeping, eating nutritiously, exercising, and staying less stressed.

Here is a sweet quote, something to think about during your last trimester of pregnancy.

"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."

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Good luck and my best wishes to all the ladies in their third trimester!

Author: Unique Ultrasound