You just found you're pregnant, now what? If you're like me, you feel like you need to start planning everything. You're worried about what you should and shouldn't do, which feelings are normal and what's not. Fortunately, you will be doing everything you need to without knowing it, no need to stress!

Concern #1- You don't have any morning sickness

About 25% of women do not get nauseated, so consider yourself lucky if this is you. Morning sickness doesn't determine if your baby is healthy and growing. Enjoy feeling good instead of worrying why you don't feel bad!

Concern #2- Your stomach isn't growing as fast, or it's growing faster than your friends

Every woman, baby, and pregnancy is different. Therefore, women will begin to show at different times. Embrace your pregnant belly whether it is big, small, round, or irregular, it is the perfect shape to grow your sweet little baby.

Come in and get a first trimester ultrasound!
This trans-abdominal ultrasound session is performed up to 12 weeks of gestation to determine:
  • the fetus(es) size
  • estimated due date
  • viability (heart tone after 7-8 weeks)
  • Theater viewing for up to 15 quests
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Concern #3- Feeling anxious having to wait to see your baby on ultrasound, or go to Doctor visits

You probably wish you could see right through your stomach to check on your baby!

Stay busy and don't google every emotion you're feeling. It is easy to get sucked into forums that make a big deal about nothing. Go with your gut and if it is a true concern, seek professional advice. Calling or emailing your Doctor is very convenient, and can really put your mind at ease.

Concern #4- I haven't felt the baby move yet

You can start to feel your baby move anytime between weeks 13-25. If it's your first baby it's normal to not feel the baby until closer to week 25. For me, it felt like my babies were flicking me from the inside! Feeling your baby move is one of the most exciting moments of your pregnancy, so look forward to second trimester!

Soon enough you'll reach the second trimester and all this anxiety will be gone. Here are some things that you cannot do later in pregnancy, so enjoy them now!

  • Wear your favorite shirts, pants, or dresses. After birth, clothes may fit differently, even if you have lost the weight you gained while pregnant.
  • Continue your exercise routine. During your first trimester it is perfectly safe to continue exercising at the intensity you were before becoming pregnant. Be active by going for a hike, bike ride, or jog.
  • Put socks on, shave your legs, pick up something you dropped, and lay on your stomach. Simple now, almost impossible later!

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Author: Unique Ultrasound