I remember after the birth of my first baby, I often thought how can this little person take up so much of my time in one day! And you are so involved with the baby's care that it takes a while to realize that you haven't been alone in a while. Well being a loving, responsive parent does not mean never taking any time for yourself. It's important to schedule regular opportunities for "me time" and taking care of some of your own needs. This might be running to the store alone, or taking a walk with a friend or even taking an extra long shower or a nap. Taking advantage of these little escapes will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. So when a friend or family member asks if they can do anything, this the perfect time to say yes to some "me time".

Regular Exercise

Exercise is a quick way to make you feel better and more like your old self. So putting baby in a sling or stroller and going for a walk, or putting on some music and dancing will get you moving and feeling good! A yoga DVD is a great way to stretch your body and quiet your mind. But don't forget to take advantage of group exercise like Stroller Strides or Meet up groups for moms. You can also join us for our Breast Feeding Classes. I've seen many Moms make new friends that last way past their breast feeding days. Call us today for more info at: (951) 694-8388.

Getting Enough Sleep

I'm sure you know that the biggest complaint of being a new mom is coping with sleep deprivation. Newborns don't know night from day, so how do you survive? Try to sleep when baby is sleeping. I know that sounds easier said than done but leave the house cleaning for later and get the sleep that you need. It will benefit everyone.

Practical Ways to Eat Well

In order to increase your energy and help you maintain a balanced mood try to eat 5 small nutritious meals throughout the day as opposed to 3 larger meals. Always drink lots of water especially if you are breast feeding and remember the rule that you are to drink ½ oz of your body weight each day. Preparing meals to fill your freezer in the final weeks of pregnancy is a good way to eat a healthy meal when there was no time to cook. Just double up what ever you're making and put half in the freezer. This will help ease the stress when baby is here.

Remember, you are doing the most important job in the world!! Your days as a mother are just beginning and even though you're going to have days that you are tired and maybe a little bored just remind yourself that you are nurturing a new life. Your baby will not be a baby for long, and the way you care for him now will help him become the loving, caring person you want him to be someday!

Author: Unique Ultrasound