Attachment parenting is a term used to describe staying or keeping your baby close to you in the early stages of their life. Babies who were brought up in this environment show that they were more secure and establish a health independency. This nurturing teaches a baby to give and receive love, is better organized physiological and feels more competent. So, the older generation that said holding your baby for long periods of time or that picking up the baby at their first little peep was going to spoil them was nonsense. There is no such thing as “spoiling” your infant!

Attachment Parenting Effects

Attachment Parenting also shows that babies cries less and are less fussy, whiny and clingy. A baby whose cues are read and responded to feels connected and baby has less need to cry. Research has shown that infants at risk for SIDS have less-organized physiological control mechanisms. So adopting a parenting style that will enhance the development of baby’s physiological control system and increase mother’s awareness to subtle changes in her baby’s physiology will lower the risk of SIDS.

Infant Development

Infant development specialist, Dr. Michael Lewis, studied the effects of programs and toys verses the parents being playful companions and sensitive nurtures, Lewis concluded that the single most important influence on a child's intellectual development was the responsiveness of the mother or father to the cues of their baby. In caring and raising your baby, its relationships, not things that make brighter and happier babies.

To learn more about Attachment Parenting or the 7 Baby B’s as Dr. Sears refers to them, please join us for Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Expectation classes. These workshops provide pregnant and nursing mothers an opportunity to learn practical ways to positively impact the time before, during and after pregnancy. You’ll also learn about babywaring and how to create a healthy womb environment for your baby. It will also cover ways to protect your baby by avoiding certain foods and additives and experience optimal nutrition during pregnancy and beyond.

These workshops are taught by a Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Certified Coach and were developed by world renowned physician Dr. Bill Sears, and Martha Sears, R.N. a leading childbirth educator and breast feeding consultant. The letters in L.E.A.N. stand for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. At this stage of your life, while you're nurturing and growing a baby inside your body, and preparing to bring that life into the world, these words take on new significance!

Dr. Sears has authored over 40 books including The Birth Book, The Pregnancy Book and The Breastfeed Book. Together their combined experience has created a complete program that is simple, relevant and meets the needs of women in any stage of pregnancy.

These workshops are offered in 3 two-hour workshops:
Prepare RIGHT Now – Covers the changes occurring in each stage of pregnancy, lifestyle choices that can affect mom and baby, simple exercises to enhance pregnancy and delivery and how attitude affects both mind and body.
Eat RIGHT Now – Covers what it really means to “Eat for Two”, what additional nutrients are required for a health pregnancy and what it means to be L.E.A.N. during your pregnancy
Live RIGHT Now – Will cover the 7 Baby B’s, Postpartum nutrition needs and Coping mechanisms and resources for taking care of Mom.

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Author: Unique Ultrasound