Has Breast Cancer Touched Your Life?

I’m sure it's safe to say that Breast Cancer has touched every one of us in some way. Whether it was You, your Mom, Grandma, Auntie, Sister, Daughter, Best friend or Co-worker we all know someone that has gone through it and hopefully has won their battle. So this month we celebrate the battle, not just for a cure, but also for prevention.

According to cancer.org studies show that moderate to vigorous physical activity is linked with lower breast cancer risks. Also a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, fish along with limiting dairy and alcohol also lowers that risk.

There is also convincing evidence that breastfeeding your baby will reduce the risk of breast cancer in mothers and helps prevent excess weight gain in their child. Breastfed babies have a decreased risk of becoming overweight or obese. It’s a fact that obesity is a risk factor for many cancers, so controlling our weight is very important.

For mom, the positive effect of breastfeeding is likely due to the balance of hormones produced during the breastfeeding process. Some cancer-related hormones are lowered in mom’s body and the risk of cancer is reduced.

Now we know that doing one or two of these suggested activities is not a fool-proof way to avoid breast cancer but we also believe that 70% of all cancers can be eliminated through environment and lifestyle choices alone and there is science to prove that! And the alarming fact is that our children have a one in two chance of getting some form of cancer in their lifetime if we don’t take action!

We are also offer Breast Ultrasounds, many women choose ultrasound over mammography because there is no radiation involved and an ultrasound scan can locate breast tumors and cysts as small as a few millimeters in size. It is also beneficial screening for women with dense breasts. Each scan is sent to a Radiologist for evaluation and a report sent to your health care provider.

So we ask that you join us in the fight and educate yourself for prevention! GO PINK!