Free Classes

Placenta Encapsulation

Date: Second Saturday of each month @ 10:00am
(Note: everyone attending this class will get $10 off their first purchase)

Your placenta is an amazing and complex organ specifically made for you, by you, to nourish your baby in the womb and you postpartum.
Presented by: Amy Putman
Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

These educational classes will teach you about:
*the benefits of placenta ingestion
*the hormones found in the placenta that are responsible for those benefits
*what the placenta is and why it is such an amazingly complex organ
*the types of placenta ingestion available (encapsulation, tincture, smoothies, truffles) and the benefits of each
*additional placenta services available (keepsakes & salves)
*the general process of preparation for each type of service

Seating is limited for this free class so please call us at 951.591.0333 or email us to pre-register for this class.

Premium Classes

Childbirth Class:

Childbirth ClassOur class is content rich, engaging and entertaining! Whether you are seeking an intervention free birth or would like an epidural, learn how to make yours the best birth possible! The difference between our classes vs the hospital classes is our maximum number of participants is 5 couples vs 20-30 couples at the hospital classes! There is ample time to ask general, specific and private questions! Learn hands-on techniques that will bring comfort and relaxation on your "birth day".

Days & Time: 2 Sessions - 1:30-5:30pm
Cost: $100

Our Instructors:

Breast Feeding Class:

Breastfeeding ClassLearn the techniques and skills to successfully breast feed your new baby. This class will cover various topics including the Benefits and Advantages of breast feeding, the Signs of a Proper Latch, and Positioning. We will go over how frequently and how long you need to breast feed, and to how to know your baby is getting enough breast milk. Come learn everything you need to know to feel confident about your decision to breast feed your baby!

Topics of the class include:
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Tips for positioning and latch
  • How to avoid and overcome common breastfeeding challenges
Cost: $40 per couple (combined with Newborn Care Class)

Newborn Care Class:

Expectant parents will also receive practical information on caring for their newborn. This class covers sights and sounds of a healthy newborn, baby essentials (what you really need) eating and sleeping patterns, cord and circumcision care, diapering, bathing and getting your home ready for a newborn. This class should be taken by the eight month of pregnancy.

Topics of the class include:
  • Newborn care such as diapering, dressing, bathing
  • Newborn procedures done at birth
  • How to safely swaddle your little one
  • How to soothe a baby and deal with Colic
  • Tips for sleep
  • Ways to make the transition into parenthood easier and more enjoyable
  • Information about returning to work
Partners will be taught how to be the support system that every mom needs and how to nurture their relationship with baby and mom.

Join us for a great time as we explore our role as parents! This class is also great for grandparents-to-be! Dolls and all equipment needed to practice your new skills will be provided.
Cost: $40 per couple (combined with Breast Feeding Class)
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm (for both classes)

Our Instructors:

Heartsaver CPR/AED Course

CPR class - Temecula Call for info on the next class
Learn chest compressions, rescue breathing, abdominal thrusts to relieve choking and use of an AED. This practice and instruction is for Infants, Children and Adults. Please call (951)201 0424 for more info.