As you see your baby for the first time, you’re going to have feelings of excitement, joy and pure baby bliss! But when you get home and there is no one there to answer your questions or give you a helping hand, reality sets in. There will be sleepless nights, a crying infant and a flood of emotions from feeling exhausted. Well, you’re not alone because these are the typical feelings that you’re going to experience as a new parent.

Our American culture expects our mothers to bounce back immediately after childbirth, yet most other cultures allow for an extended period of care and rest. During pregnancy you’re pampered by society with regular doctor visits and most everyone you meet is willing to pamper you in some way! But once you go through the physical and emotional strain of giving birth, mothers are expected to bounce right back into the swing of life. One mother summed up her recent postpartum experience this way: “You’re not hemorrhaging? OK, peace, see you later.”

Preparing for Postpartum

That is one reason that parents hire a Midwife or Doula for their birth. Most often they will continue the care after the birth of your baby. By having the extra support studies show:
  • there is a decrease in incidences of postpartum depression,
  • there is more successful and established breastfeeding,
  • perineum healing is smoother and overall recovery is faster.

Another option is hiring an experienced postpartum Doula for a few days a week to help with the recovery and the unexpected adjustments with your newborn. There are several doulas here in the Temecula Valley and we encourage you to investigate your choices!